Jul 21 2021

Full Session: How Innovation Drives New Connections with Workers

As businesses begin to return to the office either in full- or part-time capacities, they will need to adjust to the changing needs and expectations of the workforce. In this CDW Tech Talk, learn how technology innovations can ease the transitions ahead. 

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    Gary Radburn, Director of Virtually eVeRything, Dell

    Kim Nidy, Director of Technology, North Canton City Schools

    Matt McLaughlin, Associate Editorial Director, BizTech; Host, CDW Tech Talk Series

Video Highlights

  • The many changes brought on by the pandemic offer the potential to discover innovative ways to increase work productivity.
  • Augmented and virtual reality will drive a lot of change in the workplace in coming years.
  • Remote work greatly affected teachers, students and parents during the pandemic, but some school systems seized the opportunity for innovation.