Sep 20 2021

CDW Tech Talk Discusses How to Preserve Outcomes by Protecting Infrastructure

The pandemic has shifted business outcomes for many organizations, and it’s important for tech decisions to evolve and stay in line with those changes.

So many aspects of work have changed since March 2020. Where and how we work are no longer the same, and these changes have pushed organizations to reconsider their business outcomes.

Those changing outcomes are driving a shift in the way IT departments are approaching and defending their infrastructures.

We’ll be joined for this week’s CDW Tech Talk webcast by Tom DeCoster, vice president for hybrid infrastructure  at CDW, who will discuss the ways the pandemic has shifted outcomes for businesses and their customers.

We’ll also be joined by Stephen Manley, CTO at Druva, who will talk about the evolving threat landscape and the need to protect infrastructure.

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And we’ll hear from John Gaede, director of information systems at Sky Lakes Medical Center, and Nick Fossen, the hospital’s technology systems manager. They’ll share their recent experiences in upgrading their security strategy to better defend against cyberattacks.

Additional Tech Talk Highlights

The CDW Tech Talk series is a weekly webcast that covers a wide variety of IT topics demonstrating how businesses can reimagine the future of work and manage evolving infrastructures.

Most recently, we discussed how cybersecurity is essential to building your organization’s business continuity plan.

Other recent topics of discussion have included safeguarding your organization’s data and securing your financial interests, using innovative technology such as augmented and virtual reality to build connections among workersbuilding resilient workspaces, wireless technologyworker flexibility and employee workflows. Register for the series here and follow BizTech’s full coverage of the event here.

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