Aug 09 2021

CDW Tech Talk Considers How to Realize Your Organization’s Potential

Technology and workplace diversity can both have a hand in helping businesses achieve their goals.

Businesses are constantly on the lookout for ways to gain an edge on their competitors. Often, technology is the key to finding insights that offer such advantages.

For many organizations, artificial intelligence can be the tool that sets them apart. Whether it’s being used to enhance customer experiences or streamline supply chains, AI can transform your operations and put your organization on the path to achieving its business goals. We’ll be joined for this week’s CDW Tech Talk webcast by Tony Paikeday, senior director of product marketing for artificial intelligence systems at NVIDIA, who will discuss the opportunities and challenges that AI presents.

Beyond technology, what if you’re overlooking other resources within your organization? Tamara Fletcher, CDW’s director of diversity, equity and inclusion, will join the conversation to talk about how a diverse workforce can encourage creativity and innovation on a more human level.

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Additional Tech Talk Highlights

The CDW Tech Talk series is a weekly webcast that covers a wide variety of IT topics demonstrating how businesses can reimagine the future of work and manage evolving infrastructures.

Most recently, we discussed the importance of safeguarding your organization’s data and technology and securing your financial interests.

Other recent topics of discussion include using innovative technology such as augmented and virtual reality to build connections among workersbuilding resilient workspaces, wireless technologyworker flexibility and employee workflows. Register for the series here, and follow BizTech’s full coverage of the event here.

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