Jun 21 2021

CDW Tech Talk Reviews Highlights From the First Half of 2021

With the rise of remote work and cloud migration, security risks are no longer just an IT concern.

2021 has been a wild ride for IT leaders. In many ways, the pandemic dictated IT decisions for many organizations, forcing rapid cloud migration and adoption of remote work. All of these changes resulted in evolving security needs that demanded the protection of data residing in varied environments and across multiple locations.

As the first half of the year comes to a close, this week’s CDW Tech Talk series webcast will take a look back at some of the thoughtful discussions that have made up the program so far this year.

As part of that review, the webcast will revisit a conversation from February 23 with Josh Benson, the IT manager for North Valley Health Center in Minnesota, and Quinn Chapman, a healthcare account manager with CDW•G. In that webcast, they explained how North Valley adapted to the circumstances of the pandemic and used technology to improve the patient experience and deliver better care.

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Other topics we’ll re-examine include the security impacts of hybrid and remote work, the way workspaces are evolving to suit the needs of hybrid work, and the importance of ethical technology and its benefits to business diversity.

Additional Tech Talk Highlights

The CDW Tech Talk series is a weekly webcast that covers a wide variety of IT topics demonstrating how businesses can reimagine the future of work and manage evolving infrastructures.

Most recently, we took a look at the changing security needs of the new workplace.

Other recent topics of discussion include building resilient workspaces, wireless technologyworker flexibility and employee workflows. Register for the series here and follow BizTech’s full coverage of the event here.

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