Aug 10 2020

Collaboration and Future Workplaces: What to Expect at CDW’s Tech Talk

The future of workforce collaboration may require a bit of a crystal ball, but IT departments may offer the tools to make it happen.

IT departments are being tasked with a lot right now in the COVID-19 era, but so too are the teams that suddenly find themselves having to work remotely for the foreseeable future, or those reopening their offices in less-than-ideal circumstances.

Despite the challenges, it could be an opportunity for organizations to shine as they implement technology and processes that make it feasible not just to succeed under these circumstances but to thrive.

CDW’s next installment in its Tech Talk Series, “Optimizing the New Workforce Dynamic,” aims to consider these issues at a high level, offering insights that can help CIOs, CISOs and the teams they lead to succeed at meeting a challenging situation head-on.

Virtual attendees of the event, taking place Aug. 17-19, will hear from tech experts about the challenges and opportunities that face IT departments trying to build productive teams that collaborate entirely online.

IT’s Role in Designing Future Workplaces

One of the biggest aspects of businesses that might be changing is the workplace itself — what it will look like, what role social distancing might play in its structure and how technology can strengthen the result.

Then there are questions about returning to a physical office. While many lines of work can be done from a distance, some can’t. Whatever happens next, the workplace needs to account for it.

Times of transition can also bring opportunity, with new chances to get ahead on building a truly innovative workplace. Tech Talk attendees will learn about the opportunities IT departments have to create workplaces built with the future in mind.

How to Stay Productive Amid Disruption Using Collaboration

The possibility of returning to a physical office is one of many disruptive events that IT departments could find themselves managing right now.

A strong digital collaboration environment, however, can help fill in some of the gaps and ensure that teams can stay productive at a time when business continuity is critical.

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Tech Talk attendees will hear insights on how to prepare for and operate during these events and what steps to take to ensure a seamless user experience even while everything else feels less than seamless.

Securing Remote Work Is a Priority

It’s one thing for teams to be able to collaborate in different rooms or even in different cities, but it’s another thing to do so with the backing of a secure interface that can help keep employees productive and safe far from the action. After all, their desk setups or home networks aren’t necessarily the same as the ones they would use at the office.

Tech Talk attendees will learn strategies for securing remote workforces, enforcing policies and analyzing user behavior so the current security risk doesn’t become the next security disaster.

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