Aug 10 2020

Insider Exclusive: Register for CDW's August Tech Talk

Learn how businesses are bracing for an uncertain future.

Some aspects of daily life have fallen into a rhythmic new normal as people adjust to steady restrictions and new routines. But there's one part of future life that has an especially large question mark: What will the workplace look like?

As workers eventually return to the office, the only thing that's certain is that the workplace won't look the same. Many organizations are looking at having at least some of their workforce remote long-term, and they'll be tasked with keeping employees in the office healthy and safe. During CDW's Tech Talk: Optimizing the New Workforce Dynamic, attendees will dive deeper into the future of work with industry leaders from August 17 through 19. They'll also get practical advice from experts about how IT can be prepared. 

BizTech Insiders can register for the event here. CDW Customers who register for the event should include their account information, while those who aren't CDW customers should fill out the field as "N/A".

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GOCMEN/Getty Images