Jan 30 2020

How Using Biometrics Means No More Lockouts

Leave the fob at home and get into your residential building with just your body.

Your phone recognizes your fingerprints, your voice and your face. Why shouldn’t your home do the same? Biometrics may be the near-term future of home security, as developers and individual homeowners — impressed by the simplicity and cool factor — have started embracing the technology.

“I don’t like to have things in my pockets,” Chris Pollak told The Wall Street Journal, explaining why he installed a fingerprint reader at the entrance of his home in Greenwich, Conn. “It’s almost instantaneous — you put your finger on the sensor and within a second it triggers the lock.”

Beyond their convenience, biometrics are also more effective than old-fashioned door locks. That’s one reason developers of some high-end residential projects are including biometric security technology from the start of their projects. At 15 Hudson Yards in New York City, for example, residents touch a fingerprint scanner to access two floors of amenities including a spa and golf simulator. Residents of Miami’s 2000 Ocean, which will open in 2021, will find that their faces unlock access to the elevator that will take them to their homes.

“It’s a different level of security,” said Shahab Karmely, founder and principal of KAR Properties, 2000 Ocean’s developer. “You can leave your fob behind, someone can take your purse, but no one can take away your face.”