Jul 18 2018

Google Next 2018: Prepare for the Future of Work with Cloud, AI and Mobility Innovations

The upcoming user and developer conference from Google will highlight new features, products and solutions for organizations in significant and emerging technology areas.

The race to the cloud is officially on. More companies are dipping their toes into hybrid cloud implementations and as they embark on their cloud journeys, IT professionals and business leaders are eager to understand how they can migrate workloads effectively and safely to cloud environments.

In 2015, Google launched Google Next, its user and developer conference for Google Cloud. Now the tech giant is poised to become an even bigger player in cloud infrastructure and operations. The conference has exploded in size and influence, with more than 10,000 people attending the event last year. It’s an important conference to watch as innovative use cases will be on display as well as product enhancements and features.

We’ll be covering the latest and greatest news and insights from the 2018 Google Next conference in San Francisco. Here are a few things to look forward to from the event.

  • Machine Learning Gets Real: For many organizations, machine learning is bleeding-edge technology that’s years away from practical application or use, but Google’s suite of products are pushing the boundaries of machine learning and demonstrating real business value. Expect to hear from several companies, such as Twilio and The Home Depot.
  • Chrome Reaches Business Savvy: The popularity of Google’s Chrome browser and its notebook offerings, Chromebooks, has been pronounced in the education market. But now Chrome is poised to make its way to the enterprise. Google will offer several sessions highlighting how businesses can use the browser and OS to work in interesting and unique ways. This session in particular promises to demonstrate how to use Chrome to empower workforces.
  • A Cloud for All: One of the key themes that Google will be pushing at its conference will be the utility and universality of cloud computing for organizations of all stripes and sizes. The big keynote at Next, “Building a Cloud for Everyone,” assembles the heavy hitters at Google Cloud, including its chief scientist, Fei-Fei Li, and its CEO, Diane Greene. Look for this keynote to bring home the company’s vision of cloud computing for the present, but more importantly, the very near future.

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