May 03 2018

Citrix Synergy 2018 to Highlight the Importance of the Secure Digital Workspace

The software company will focus its conference on how it is making businesses’ apps and data secure and easy to access anywhere, at any time.

What is the future of work going to look like? From May 8-10 in Anaheim, Calif., about 6,000 attendees of Citrix Synergy 2018 are going to find out — at least Citrix’s vision of it, anyway.

Citrix Synergy will bring together thought leaders and experts who are changing the way the world works through digital transformation. The conference will focus on Citrix’s distinct vision for the future of work, and the technology experts gathered will showcase new Citrix innovations and explore how businesses can succeed in a cloud-first world.

The conference has three key pillars: the future of user experience and productivity in the digital workspace; Citrix’s cloud vision; and how to marry contextual access and security analytics into a secure digital perimeter that protects apps, data and infrastructure. Expect to hear a lot about Citrix Analytics, a service unveiled in April that Citrix says uses artificial intelligence to “detect anomalous behavior and potential threats.” The company says it is “now able to deliver actionable intelligence from the information gathered via our cloud services and on-premises products to help customers proactively identify and manage internal and external threats.”

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Also expect Citrix executives to talk a lot about what work will mean and how it will be secured in a world in which users switch seamlessly from on-premises environments to the public cloud, mobile devices and back again. “Wherever they come from, whichever cloud, however they’re served, whichever users need them on whichever device, the secure digital workspace is a framework for us to allow customers to adopt all those services at the pace of their business, but to also provide performance, security, flexibility for them to do that across any cloud,” Christian Reilly, CTO of Citrix’s Workspace Services Division, recently told Diginomica.

David Henshall, who took over as CEO of Citrix in July after Kirill Tatarinov stepped down following only 18 months on the job, will deliver a keynote address about the company’s direction. Last fall the company announced that it would carry out layoffs and consolidations, but last week the company reported growing quarterly revenues and stronger-than-expected earnings as it transitions to getting more revenue from subscriptions.

In addition to Henshall, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will address the conference, as will best-selling author Michael Lewis.

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