May 31 2017

HPE Discover 2017 to Highlight the Future of Enterprise Computing and Networking

Hewlett Packard Enterprise will spell out how your company can accelerate its digital transformation via new computing, storage and networking technologies.

The technology world can be hard to keep up with. Even the most tech-savvy business leaders and owners may have trouble maintaining a grip on where IT is headed and what it means for their companies.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s HPE Discover 2017 conference, June 6–8 in Las Vegas, will not only help businesses peer into the future of enterprise IT, but also give them a sense of how to use IT to improve their operations, security and bottom line in a world of accelerating change.

HPE CEO Meg Whitman will kick off the conference on June 6 with an opening keynote, alongside other senior HPE executives, and will dive into how technology — from the data center to the cloud to the network edge — coupled with the right services can help businesses modernize and thrive.

Other conference sessions to check out include: HPE’s vision for the future of enterprise computing; how to choose the right hybrid cloud solution; how to make networks more intelligent and context-aware; next-generation storage and data services; and how businesses are undertaking digital transformations on the ground.

HPE will also likely use the conference to tout "The Machine," a prototype of a computer with a single bank of memory (160 terabytes) that can process enormous amounts of information.

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