Nov 22 2016

For Cloud Deployments, Keep Security and Compliance in Mind

Businesses need to spell out their cloud partners' responsibilities to ensure security and privacy ahead of deployments.

When negotiating contracts with cloud providers, have an attorney review the fine print to ensure your company will be compliant with security and privacy laws, and to guarantee that all data is secure, advises Raun Nohavitza, senior director of IT at Centrify.

The Silicon Valley tech company has contracts in place with its major cloud providers that specify each vendor’s responsibilities to ensure security and privacy, Nohavitza says.

“If a new business is thinking about creating a new cloud service or exposing customer information to the cloud, they should think about privacy and security,” he says. “The main cloud providers will be happy to have that discussion with you, and will be happy to give you the tools you need to solve those problems.”

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