Sep 12 2016

Do You Know or Run a Great SMB IT Blog? Add It to Our List

BizTech is putting out a call for its first ever Must-Read IT Blogs list for the SMB sector.

Small to medium-sized businesses and large enterprises rely on many of the same technologies to get business done and help their customers — the cloud, mobility, high-quality networks and cybersecurity solutions.

Yet SMBs face many unique challenges that larger firms do not. For one, SMBs often have much smaller IT departments (and in the case of some small businesses, it may be an IT department of one). Additionally, SMBs may not have the time or resources to investigate or test multiple IT solutions. Small business owners are often juggling multiple priorities as they seek to maintain and grow their companies, and technology is just one of many concerns they have.

In an effort to highlight the best technology innovations and advice for small to medium-sized businesses, we’re taking our popular Must-Read IT Blogs list program and applying it to SMB IT exclusively.

To gather the nominations for the list, we’re using, a social media tool for submitting and curating lists. In order to add a blog to the list, you must authenticate with either a Twitter or Facebook login. This will let us know that you’re a real person and help cut down on spamming. And if you see a blog that you like on the list, feel free to vote them up. Please note that while the voting might weigh in favor of a blog’s inclusion on the final list, it is not guaranteed and the ultimate decision on the final blog selections rests with the editorial team. Here are the nominees we've gathered so far.

Please add to the list and spread the word that we're on the lookout for great SMB IT blogs.


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