Aug 24 2016
Data Center

How to Train Staff to Virtualize Your IT

While virtualization of IT environments can be large, small businesses need to make sure their IT staff can handle the transition.

Virtualized IT environments — and the tools used to manage them — can provide unmatched flexibility and scalability, but they can also require skills that SMB IT staffs sometimes lack, says Cliff Grossner of IHS Markit.

To help smooth the learning curve, companies should ask these questions:

  • How much automation is built into the platform; that is, how much can the user do by simply dragging and dropping on a user-friendly interface?
  • How much of our work can the user do by setting up simple policies?
  • What capabilities does the tool or platform have without requiring new code or scripts?

Finally, organizations need to devote the time and resources necessary to train their IT staffs for this new environment, Grossner advises. “Building the skill set in the team is critical to managing virtualized resources,” he says. “Humans need to modify their processes and skills to use technology well.”

For more on how data center virtualization can help your business, check out, "Learn How to Be a Virtualization Maestro in Your Data Center."


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