Mar 14 2016

How Data Management Helps Yield High-Impact Nonprofits [#Infographic]

Donor data offers myriad benefits to nonprofits, so long as organizations have the IT resources to put it to use.

Data and analytics are reshaping business strategies across the board, and nonprofits are no exception.

According to statistics gathered for a CDW infographic, 43 percent of nonprofits use donor data for potential marketing and fundraising opportunities. The infographic suggests that the same data can also be used to improve donor retention, while the white paper Better Analytics to Boost Nonprofits adds that data can help organizations better coordinate volunteers, compile reports and comply with regulatory requirements.

Although data analytics shows much promise in the nonprofit space, organizations cannot unlock its full potential until their data management systems are up to snuff. The infographic recommends that nonprofits look to automation, outsourcing and colocation to ease the burden on IT staff and make analytics more accessible to end users of all skill levels.

Cloud services are another valuable resource for organizations hoping to leverage data analytics. According to the infographic, 64 percent of CFOs surveyed said that implementing the cloud would reduce operational costs by up to 20 percent. The cloud also gives teams anywhere, anytime access to critical data that can help nonprofits make better decisions and increase their impact.

Check out the infographic below for more insights into data management trends and best practices.