Jan 08 2016

We're Looking for a Few Good Nonprofit IT Blogs

Our second-annual hunt for the best nonprofit IT blogs is kicking off, and you can help!

Nonprofits don’t always garner the flashy headlines that major corporations do, yet every day they engage in work that improves the lives and well-being of real people.

Those nonprofits frequently tap technology to accomplish such game-changing missions, and here at BizTech we hope to shine a brighter light on the news and insights taking shape at the intersection of technology and the nonprofit world.

Technology can enhance efficiency, allow teams and organizations to branch into new markets or locations as well as expand their overall reach. In an effort to highlight those developments, and more, we’ve taken our popular Must-Read IT Blogs list model and applied it once again to the nonprofit community. Last year, we brought readers 25 of the top IT blogs in nonprofit. And this year, you can help us grow that list by finding a few more.

We’ve selected list.ly, a social media tool for submitting and curating lists, to bring our nominees together. In order to add a blog to the list, readers should authenticate with either a Twitter or Facebook login, which lets us know you’re not a bot and helps to reduce spam. If you see a blog that you already read and appreciate on the list, feel free to vote them up.

Please note that while voting might weigh in favor of a blog’s inclusion on the final list, it is not guaranteed. Ultimately, the final top 25 honorees will be selected by the BizTech editorial team.

Here are the nominees we’ve come up with so far. Please help by adding to the list, and don’t forget to let your colleagues and social networks know that we’re on the lookout for the best nonprofit IT blogs!


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