Aug 21 2015

A New Security Solution Helps Reduce the Risk of Telecommuting

As the number of remote access endpoints increases, the threat of malware forces IT organizations to seek more network visibility.

Corporate data is no longer confined to secure office networks; these days, employees require access at work, at home and on the go.

According to new data from Gallup's annual Work and Education poll, 37 percent of professionals surveyed have telecommuted, up from 9 percent in 1995.

The new, flexible setup is convenient for workers, but it spawns additional challenges for IT organizations. The “Cisco 2014 Annual Security Report” outlines the danger:

The shift toward mobility and cloud services is placing a greater security burden on endpoints and mobile devices that in some cases may never even touch the corporate network. The fact is that mobile devices introduce security risk when they are used to access company resources; they easily connect with third-party cloud services and computers with security postures that are potentially unknown and outside of the enterprise’s control. In addition, mobile malware is growing rapidly, which further increases risk. Given the lack of even basic visibility, most IT security teams don’t have the capability to identify potential threats from these devices.

Recognizing the increasing importance of data protection, Trend Micro Incorporated set out to offer greater oversight and control over all devices on a network, regardless of their location. The company recently released a version of its corporate endpoint security solution that is fully supported on Microsoft Windows 10.

The Complete User Protection program is geared toward businesses and enterprises still planning their migration to the new operating system, which reportedly climbed from 14 million installs to more than 50 million since its July 29 launch.

“This transition provides organizations with a unique opportunity to modernize and refresh their endpoint protection and switch to a security provider with proven solutions that continuously deliver outstanding results,” said Kevin Simzer, chief marketing officer of Trend Micro.

A recent press release describes the suite of security capabilities behind Trend Micro’s latest corporate solution:

Trend Micro Complete User Protection complements Windows 10 built-in security features to protect against advanced threats such as malware, ransomware, advanced exploits and more. The solution, available via SaaS and on-premise deployments in a single management console, also offers virtual and physical-desktop users advanced capabilities with little to no impact on their daily routine. Additionally, IT departments can oversee users across multiple threat vectors from a single management console, allowing for complete visibility and control at multiple layers including endpoint, application and network.

A Trend Micro blog post states that the new release also includes behavior monitoring, memory inspection, application whitelisting and vulnerability shielding, all of which could help IT organizations better mitigate security threats in this age of telecommuting.