Feb 16 2015

Know a Good Nonprofit IT Blog? Add It to Our List

BizTech is kicking off its first ever Must-Read IT Blogs list for the nonprofit sector.

The work that nonprofits do is impactful, life-changing and incredibly important. And a lot of the times, technology helps these organizations accomplish the small miracles that happen every day.

But technology, and its might in providing efficiency, optimization and expanded reach, is usually associated with the work of for-profit companies as they build their wealth and empires.

In an attempt to shine the light on the technology innovation happening in the nonprofit world, we're taking our popular Must-Read IT Blogs list model and applying it to nonprofit IT blogs exclusively.

To gather the nominations for the list, we're using list.ly, a social media tool for submitting and curating lists. In order to add a blog to the list, you must authenticate with either a Twitter or Facebook login. This will let us know that you're a real person and help cut down on spamming. And if you see a blog that you like on the list, feel free to vote them up. Please note that while the voting might weigh in favor of a blog's inclusion on the final list, it is not guaranteed and ultimate decision on the final 25 blogs rests with the editorial team.

Here are the nominees we've gathered so far. Please add to the list and spread the word that we're on the lookout for great nonprofit IT blogs.


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