Dec 11 2014
Data Center

Why VMware Believes Software-Defined IT Is the Bridge to the Future

The virtualization-software leader shares a vision of software-defined enterprise, data center to desktop.

IT decisions often require a tradeoff of some sort. It might be a choice between security and convenience, or traditional apps and cloud-based apps. Modern and innovative IT companies, however, are seeking ways to break free of this “either/or” dichotomy.

Roland Serna, national channel lead for VMware, recently explained at CDW’s The Future of IT panel event, held at Chicago’s Feinberg Theater, “VMware is about moving from the tyranny of ‘or’ to the power of ‘and.’” It is this approach that fuels VMware’s vision of the future: the software-defined enterprise.

In his presentation, Serna explained how the software-defined data center applies virtualization horizontally across the enterprise, virtualizing servers, networking and storage. He then walked the audience through a common use case involving network security. Security in most data centers resembles an egg, with a hard, crusty exterior and a soft, gooey interior.

Eighty percent of all money spent of network security is for north- and south-bound, but most traffic in the data center happens east- and west-bound, Serna explained. With VMware’s NSX technology, the enterprise can set policies to protect every virtual machine, all from a central management console.

The next pillar in VMware’s software-defined enterprise is the hybrid cloud, by way of the company’s vCloud Air solution. Serna discussed how VMware brings the same hybrid philosophy of “and” to the cloud: The enterprise can build and deploy environments both in the cloud and on-premises. Data and apps can exist where needed; the policies follow the data where needed.

The final pillar of VMware’s vision is end-user computing through the company’s Workspace Suite. This offering includes Horizon Virtual Desktop, AirWatch, Content Locker and Workspace Portal — all supporting seamless, secure user access to enterprise data, whether on a mobile device or a desktop, on-premises or off-premises, Serna said.

With the right technologies and talent in place, namely through VMware’s acquisition of AirWatch and Desktone, the company now has the pieces in place for a unified “data center to desktop” enterprise solution.

Watch Serna’s full presentation from the Future of IT event, below.


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