Dec 23 2014

HP's Bill Veghte Says We're All Consumers and Professionals

The HP executive says that the company believes it must provide consumer-level quality in all of its enterprise products.

Most people are multifaceted and multidimensional, but our technology is often split along a very rigid dichotomy: consumer or enterprise. This dichotomy assumes that consumer and enterprise users are mutually exclusive and that what the consumer wants, the enterprise will never need and vice versa. But now, thanks to the rise of mobile devices like the smartphone, in both personal and professional arenas, we know that the consumerization of enterprise IT is proving that this mindset of enterprise users vs. consumer users is archaic.

"I'm a consumer and a professional. I'm both. And I don't want my device choice — I don't want to have to make a compromise — if I want one that is consumer and one that is enterprise or I choose one device that's got to bridge across. And the core of what HP is doing is, we are all about providing a consumer quality experience without compromise in the enterprise," said Bill Veghte, executive vice president and general manager of the HP Enterprise Group.

Veghte was one of several IT leaders who gathered to discuss the most important and needle-moving technology challenges facing businesses today, as part of CDW’s Bring IT On technology leadership series. During his talk, he also touched on the need to modernize enterprise IT concepts in general and the importance of integration and cross-compatibility among platforms.

Watch more of Veghte's Bring IT On talk below.