Sep 10 2014

Intel Partners with STORY to Create Style.Tech for Wearable Enthusiasts

There’s been plenty of buzz about tech you can wear, but this store takes the reverse approach and offers clothing that’s infused with tech.

The renowned Fashion Institute of Technology has been around since 1944, but it’s only in recent years that the worlds of fashion and technology have truly seen a noticeable degree of overlap in the mainstream.

Intel, one of the leading technology firms and chipmakers, has led much of its marketing in recent years with style icons such as, and the company is continuing to invest in the fashion world with its latest venture, Style.Tech.

In a partnership with New York retailer STORY, Intel has established a pop-up shop full of clothing and accessories that are either literally infused with tech (such as shirts that have solar pockets, to recharge smartphones) or inspired by tech (for example, jewelry with hashtags and emojis), reports PSFK.

“We are increasingly seeing an image-conscious culture crave technology across all facets of their lives,” Courtnee Westendorf, vice president of marketing at Intel, told PSFK. “Intel continues to make technology more powerful, mobile and connected across many of our everyday devices. Intel is excited to connect technology and lifestyle brands together to create and enrich experiences with new products and services.”

The pop-up shop is open from now through Oct. 12. So clothing retailers looking for inspiration on how they can infuse their apparel and accessories with the latest technology should head to New York City before it’s over.

Best of all? Those who visit Style.Tech will get a chance to snag an Instagram-worthy selfie using the shop’s Selfie Mirror: