Apr 02 2013

Do You Know the IT Mysteries Hidden In Your Data Center? [#Infographic]

Smart data center admins keep a close eye on their IT with DCIM tools.

The task of managing the ever-growing pile of corporate data is monumental. According to recent estimates, the estimated amount of data consumed every day in the United States is equivalent to about 5.1 trillion hard drives of data.

With this monsoon of data comes an increase in the demand on IT resources, which includes storage, uptime and power and cooling. So what are data center administrators to do?

Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) tools help IT workers monitor and analyze their computing environment so that they can optimize as needed. For example, one organization saw $10,000-$15,000 savings in a single year by raising the temperature of its data center to the upper 70s.

Additionally, IT workers can use DCIM tools to pinpoint underutilization, such as "ghost servers" — unused or lightly used servers. According to recent estimates, 15 percent of servers in a given data center are ghost servers.

Check out this infographic from CDW, which illustrates how IT workers can investigate their data centers and ferret out the efficiencies their companies need.

DCIM power and cooling infographic


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