Mar 18 2013

Why Tackling DNS Errors Is Like Nuking Space Aliens [#Infographic]

Get rid of the networking baddies with this handy guide on resolving DNS errors.

You might not realize it, but troubleshooting network problems is a bit like playing the classic arcade game “Space Invaders.”

Or at least that’s how the team at ORSYP envisions it in this infographic, which guides IT workers through the resolution of DNS errors.

Picturing DNS errors as little green aliens that IT workers vanquish is, at the very least, a fun way of explaining a network administrator’s job to kids. Plus, who doesn’t want to feel like their work puts them in the same league as Luke Skywalker?

This might sound like fun and games, but DNS errors can seriously impact businesses and their productivity. CloudFlare, a cloud-based distributed content-filtering service, recently suffered an outage after a configuration rule on its routers resulted in visitors seeing DNS errors on its clients’ websites, according to a report from ZDNet.

The outage lasted for a little over an hour on a weekend, but it highlights how crippling DNS errors can be to companies in this Internet age where the customer expects 24/7 uptime.

Check out the infographic from ORSYP, and keep it handy for when you need to nuke a few of those extraterrestrial DNS errors.

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