Mar 12 2013

Does Your Enterprise Have an Outdated IT Policy? [#Infographic]

Five ways to ensure that your IT policy is still relevant.

Just when you thought your enterprise had all of its corporate IT policies set in stone, new-fangled concepts like BYOD and the consumerization of IT come along to challenge what was once a solid IT policy.

The Future of Working teamed up with HP to develop a visual guide to help enterprises ensure their IT policies are still relevant. This five-step guide starts with device management and ends with IT training. The guide outlines five pillars of a modern IT policy:

  1. Know your devices.
  2. Establish the ground rules.
  3. Lock down your data.
  4. Vet your apps.
  5. Invest in training.

The key to any successful policy lies in keeping the lines of communication open between the workers and the IT department. Because once shadow IT takes over, there’s no IT policy that can survive.

Check out the full infographic below.

The IT Policy Checklist