Dec 07 2012

Data Center Optimization Helps Companies Do More with Less [#Infographic]

Too many businesses are burning resources with inefficient data center operations.

There’s no getting around data in today’s business world. Whether your company is a retailer, startup, law firm, healthcare clinic or sports team, the data produced and consumed by your staff and customers has value and costs attached to it.

But too many businesses neglect their data centers once they’re over the initial setup and installation. According to research compiled in an infographic by CDW, data is set to grow 50 times larger in 2020 than it is today, so it’s clear that data centers will need close monitoring and upgrades over the long haul.

Some 15 to 30 percent of data centers are not being used but are still consuming power, and most servers typically operate at 5 to 10 percent capacity, according to CDW’s infographic.

That means there’s plenty of room for improvement and opportunities to cut waste. Doing more with less is a mantra that many a data center operator should consider adopting.

Check out the full infographic from CDW below.

CDW Data Center Optimization infographic


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