Sep 21 2012

How Office 365 Grows with Your Organization [Infographic]

Microsoft's cloud-based version of its productivity suite is a good for companies of all sizes.

The great thing about cloud-based software is undoubtedly its ability to scale. Because it doesn't rely on compact discs installing applications on an end-user's device to upgrade or run on other devices, cloud-based software can iterate infinitely in a much more frictionless way than disc-based software of the past.

Microsoft's Office 365 has freed the company's iconic productivity suite and released it to the cloud, allowing for continuous updates and access from anywhere at anytime.

The best part? Office 365 is a viable solution for organizations of all sizes. Microsoft put together an infographic showing how Office 365 can fit into the workflows of education, small business and the enterprise.

Check out the full infographic from Microsoft, below.

Office 365 infographic