Sep 28 2012

Everpurse: The Bag That Keeps Your Smartphone Going and Going

This Kickstarter campaign solves the battery-charging dilemma of mobile devices, which is a major headache for many on-the-go users.

If we’re truly moving toward a mobilized society, how come so many of us are still tethered to the wall in order to keep our smartphones and tablets going?

You see the struggle for constant battery power at work, at the airport or at conferences: mobile users’ eyes dart from left to right in search of that electrical oasis in the energy desert: the electrical outlet.

But what if your smartphone charged every time you threw it into your bag? Then, you wouldn’t have to constantly reorganize your activities around strategic electrical-outlet access.

Well, that battery-charging dream just got one step closer to reality, now that Elizabeth Day Ormesher Salcedo’s Everpurse has received more than $150,000 through crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

Here’s a video of the product, which does a great job of showing how Everpurse fulfills real-world needs.

Through a series of charging mats and pads, Salcedo’s invention neatly and fashionably solves a pain point for many. It’s not often that technology and fashion go together, but in this case, we can definitely see many purse manufacturers scrambling to include something like Everpurse’s technology in their bag designs.

Furthermore, it could more broadly apply to backpacks and briefcases. That way, men could (comfortably) get in on the action.

Would you buy something like Everpurse for your own use? Let us know in the Comments section.