Aug 10 2012

Cloud Computing Wins the Gold with SMBs [Infographic]

More businesses are realizing the value of the cloud in their workflows.

In the spirit of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, Spiceworks put together an infographic on the Cloud Games, using data from its Spiceworks Cloud Barometer Report. It shouldn't be a surprise, but when it comes to SMBs cloud computing walks away with the gold.

According to Spiceworks' data, there has been a 71 percent increase in cloud adoption among small and medium-sized businesses since the last year. The respondents to the Spiceworks' survey are using cloud computing in three key areas: file sharing, e-mail and productivity suites.

One interesting datapoint highlights the power of the consumerization of IT. When employees were left to their own devices, 87 percent of them chose to use Dropbox for file sharing but only 28 percent of IT pros did the same. Clearly, there's a gap between what employees prefer and what IT workers want.

Check out the full inforgraphic from Spiceworks, below

SMB cloud computing


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