Aug 15 2012

3D Printing Makes Objects on Demand a Reality [Infographic]

The ability to create objects anywhere, anytime, could change the world.

When Johann Gutenberg invented the printing press, he set information free. And with the invention of the 3D printer, you could say we’re setting the human imagination free.

The term 3D printer is a bit misleading, because you might confuse it for a printer that can print 3D images. But 3D printers are actually little factories in a box. They can fashion objects that you design on a computer, bringing them to life. This includes everything from human body parts, architectural models and car parts, according to an infographic from HighTable.

The industry is projected to grow to $5.2 billion by the year 2020; there are already three companies that specialize in 3D printing publicly trading on the stock market.

To get a better understanding of what 3D printing technology is and how the industry is shaping up, check out the infographic below.

3D Printing objects on Demand