Jun 20 2012

Wearable Tech: How Fashion Is Going Technological [Infographic]

The next wave of technology might not be carried in your pocket or bag, but worn on your body.

It’s been a long time coming, but technology is now taking on the fashion world. It’s starting out small, mainly with accessories (for example, watches, glasses and armbands). But don’t be surprised if three-piece Italian suits come with Facebook integration in the near future.

Google caused a big splash with its bold Project Glass, which envisions a computing form that you control with your eyes. While the prototype looks more like something you’d see on Star Trek than on the catwalks of Paris, it is a significant step up from that awkward-looking TV Hat that made the rounds last year. At the very least, it’s a bit more . . . subtle.

VoucherCodes and Visual.ly teamed up to take a big-picture look at the wearable-tech landscape. Some of them, particularly the fitness-oriented devices, could really prove to be useful.

Check out the infographic via Mashable, below.

Wearable Technology concepts