May 22 2012

The Value of Digital Menus [Infographic]

Digital signage brings serious ROl for quick-service and fast casual restaurants.

Have you noticed a trend in many of your favorite fast-food restaurants like McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's? Their menus are starting to go digital.

These new menus, which are no longer confined to static imagery, are more interactive and dynamic than their paper-based predecessors. Information can be entered and updated on the fly, and moving images can entice customers to try new dishes.

In April, Digital Signage Today surveyed restaurants that had converted to digital signage in an effort to find out what the businesses had gained from making the switch. The site shared its findings in an infographic highlighting the top 12 benefits of using digital menus.

A few of the winning advantages are:

  • Centralized control of menu board content
  • Increased sales of promotional items
  • Lower cost to make menu changes
  • Higher check averages
  • Increased foot traffic

Check out the full infographic from Digital Signage Today for more.

The Value of Digital Menus [Infographic]


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