May 10 2012

A History of Encryption Through the Ages [Infographic]

Passwords and information security have come a long way.

Remember the days when passwords to the treasures were accessible by easy-to-remember sayings like, "Open, Sesame"? It was all so simple then. While some users might have passwords even more obvious than that (Note: One of the more popular passwords of 2011 was simply "password"), the need for password sophistication and security has multiplied in the modern era, as data and information have become intrinsic parts of our lives.

Today, we use passwords to access everything from e-mail to bank accounts. But the people of the 21st century aren't the only civilization that realized the need for security and data protection.

Dashlane, a password management application, has created an infographic detailing the history of data encryption. And it goes all the way back to ancient Spartans and their Scytale, which were used to send confidential messages during battle back in 700 B.C.

Check out the infographic on the history of encryption below.

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