May 15 2012

America: Where Entrepreneurs Take Flight [Infographic]

Startup dreams are made of the reliable infrastructure and business opportunities that the U.S. offers.

The United States of America is home to some of the greatest and most daring success stories in business. Where else can a seemingly simple photo sharing app be sold for $1 billion dollars without ever going public?

The technology industry, particularly in software, web and mobile applications, can be a high-growth but high-stakes game. Other industries, however, are also projected to see growth in the next five years.

Docstoc, a document sharing and collaboration application, put together an infographic that takes a look at the state of entrepreneurship in America. The infographic ranks the states with the most business opportunities and outlines a list of the industries poised for the highest revenue growth in the next five years.

For those looking to make a move, keep an eye on these industries:

  • Wind power: 11.2 percent revenue growth
  • Biotechnology: 9.6 percent revenue growth
  • E-commerce and online auctions: 9.4 percent revenue growth
  • Environment consulting: 9.4 percent revenue growth
  • Video games: 8.3 percent revenue growth
  • Solar power: 7.9 percent revenue growth

Check out Docstoc's full infographic below.