Jan 01 2006

IT Manager Ryan Suydam

Photo: Charles Harris

Company: Phillips Architecture, PA


URL: www.phillipsarch.com


Education: BS Environmental Design, NC State University, 2001. NCSSM 1997


Work Gear: HP nxSeries Workstations, DL-Series Servers, Procurve Networking


Regular reads: Inquirer.net, InfoWorld, Yankees.com, BizTechMagazine.com


Currently reading: The Physics of Baseball by Robert K. Adair


Why did you get into IT? There was a huge need at our firm, and I was a tech hobbyist. I later turned that into a full-time career.



Worst tech habit: Fix it with a reboot.


Most important tech trend: SaaS (software as a service), BPM (business process management)


Next project planned: Server/Workstation refresh as our current equipment comes off lease Q3/2006


Favorite e-mail tagline: "Problems cannot be solved with the same level of awareness that created them." — Albert Einstein


Best project completed in last 12 months: New Web-based software we developed in-house with the intention of selling it to other architects and designers. We could not find an application that does what we wanted without heavy customization. In the end we decided to create our all-in-one Web-based tool from the ground up.


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