Aug 21 2022

Winning the Race for IT Talent Requires Investing in Well-Being and Professional Development

In a competitive landscape where IT has gained increased prominence as a core competency for nearly every organization, finding, hiring and keeping great IT workers has become more challenging. Companies are offering new perks and benefits — including resources for employee well-being — that they might not have considered in the past. Ellen McRaith, vice president of talent acquisition at CDW; Justin Avery, director of business development at Focal Point, a CDW company; and Matthew Pavliv, senior solutions advisor at Focal Point, a CDW company, engaged in a lively discussion about challenges and opportunities in recruiting and retaining the modern IT workforce at the CDW Executive SummIT: Managing the Evolving Workforce.


    • Ellen McRaith, Vice President of Talent Acquisition, CDW
    • Justin Avery, Director of Business Development, Focal Point, a CDW Company
    • Matthew Pavliv, Senior Solutions Advisor, Focal Point, a CDW Company

Video Highlights

  • As they emerge from the pandemic, employees are concerned with well-being in three key areas: emotional and mental well-being, financial well-being, and physical well-being.
  • Cybersecurity is a particular pain point for hiring and training. There are more jobs than there are trained and experienced candidates to fill them.
  • Shifting your focus and priority from finding and hiring ready-made talent to investing in training junior or internal talent is key to surviving and thriving in this workforce climate.