Oct 22 2019

Why Organizations Should Deploy Technology with Users in Mind

New technologies may be fascinating or amazing, but they aren’t worth much if users don’t actually use them. As technology developers work on new solutions, and as organizations deploy them, they must keep users in mind and take steps to ensure that these tools are adopted into use. At the CDW IT Leadership SummIT in Chicago, we spoke with IT leaders about how organizations can overcome the challenges of technology adoption. For more videos and articles from the SummIT, visit biztechmagazine.com/cdw-it-leadership-summit.

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    Jesse Wilbur, Interaction Design Director, IA Collaborative

    Pat Gelsinger, CEO, VMware

    Tod Huber, CTO, Milwaukee County

    Jennifer Yanko, Director of IT Business Services, Babcock and Wilcox

Video Highlights

  • The simpler and easier technology is to use, the more likely users are to adopt it.
  • Giving users a choice about the devices they’ll employ also can improve adoption rates.
  • Offering training through both formal and informal channels can also improve IT success.