Aug 14 2018

Why Gap Analysis Is a Key Step in a Robust Security Strategy

An effective security strategy can do more than just protect an organization's critical assets; in the long run, it will save money as well. At the CDW Managing Risk SummIT in Boston, we spoke with Gabe Whalen, a principal field solution architect for CDW, about how to develop a robust strategy. Visit our CDW Managing Risk SummIT landing page to view more articles and videos from the event.

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    Gabe Whalen, Principal Field Solution Architect, CDW

Video Highlights

  • A security strategy is more effective when it is created with input from a variety of stakeholders — not just the IT department.
  • Security must be a continuing process where an organization learns from its mistakes and improves its defenses.
  • Ransomware and cryptojacking are among the more pernicious attacks that organizations face today.