Oct 11 2019

What's the Most Common Vulnerability Revealed by Penetration Testing? Configuration Issues

When CDW security experts conduct penetration tests for organizations looking to improve their security posture (by attacking the organization’s defense as a hacker would to uncover its vulnerabilities), they are able to gain access 90 percent of the time. In many cases, testers are able to escalate their privileges on the network by exploiting weaknesses in how systems are configured. At the CDW IT Leadership SummIT in Chicago, we spoke to Alyssa Miller, manager of the information security solutions practice at CDW, about her experiences as a penetration tester. What she revealed can help organizations avoid costly security breaches. For more videos and articles from the SummIT, visit biztechmagazine.com/cdw-it-leadership-summit.

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    Alyssa Miller, Manager, Information Security Solutions Practice, CDW

Video Highlights

  • In addition to identifying vulnerabilities, penetration testing can also help organizationa prioritize their remediation efforts. 
  • Some organizations have failed to close old, well-documented vulnerabilities. 
  • Many of the most newsworthy security breaches in recent years are attributable to configuration issues that could have been avoided.