Aug 13 2019

What Keeps IT Leaders Up at Night?

The stakes of business technology have never been higher as organizations become increasingly reliant upon technology to operate and grow. Traditionally, the most common words to induce heart palpitations have been "The network is down." To get a better sense of what IT leaders grapple with in the modern era, we asked several CISOs and IT leaders to share their worst cold-sweat scenarios.


    • Mike Kelley, CISO, E.W. Scripps
    • Wendy Nather, Head of the Advisory CISO Team, Duo Security
    • Richard Bailey, Vice President of IT Operations, PruittHealth
    • Anthony Frazier, Director of Information Services, Georgia United Credit Union

Video Highlights

  • One question cybersecurity leaders wrestle with is whether they've communicated clearly and directly enough the risks and threats to the organization.
  • CISOs must secure not only the newest tech but also older, legacy infrastructure to truly operate in a secure fashion.
  • Endpoint security is an oldie but goodie. The rogue laptop or mobile device that goes missing or falls into the wrong hands can wreak havoc without the appropriate protections in place.