Mar 09 2020

What Are You Forgetting When It Comes to Data Backups?

These days, IT leaders at every organization know that ransomware is a threat and that data backups are a key way to mitigate that threat. But what are they forgetting to ask themselves when they are backing up their data? At RSA 2020, we spoke with cybersecurity thought leaders about the seldomly asked questions that they should be focusing on when it comes to data backups.  

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    Andy Fernandez, Product Marketing Manager, Zerto 

    Ron Bushar, Global Government CTO, FireEye 

    Oliver Friedrichs, VP, Security Products, Splunk 

    Jon Washburn, CISO, Stoel Rives 

    Fleming Shi, CTO, Barracuda Networks  


Video Highlights

  • IT leaders need to ask themselves whether they are willing to sacrifice multiple hours or even days of data in the wake of a ransomware attack or data loss event. 
  • Organizations need to ensure that their backups are not tainted or compromised and they need to ask whether they have an adequate history of backups. 
  • Businesses need to ask themselves whether their backups actually work, including each of their backup volumes.