Aug 29 2016

VMworld 2016: Hyperconverged Infrastructure Supports High Uptime Goals

The need for high availability and always-on uptime is driving businesses to seek IT solutions that simplify architecture, reduce complexity and enhance agility. Hyperconverged infrastructure takes the benefits of converged infrastructure and wraps it in a software-defined design. We spoke with IT leaders at VMworld to get their take on why hyperconverged infrastructure is poised to benefit enterprise IT. Check out more of our coverage from VMworld 2016.


    • Caleb Holmstrom, Technology Supervisor for Agropur
    • Manny Saini, IT Infrastructure Manager for Bunn
    • Mike Buchholz, Network Administrator for Wixon

Video Highlights

  • Hyperconverged infrastructure is appealing for businesses that require high uptime
  • Reduced need to maintain hardware is another benefit of hyperconverged IT
  • Instead of having to deal with multiple vendors, there's efficiency gained with a single hyperconverged solution