Aug 31 2016

VMworld 2016: DevOps Helps Bridge the Divide Between IT and Developers

With application and software development becoming a focal area for more businesses, the need for coordination and collaboration between developers and IT is greater than ever. DevOps — a model that blends IT and software development into a unified and collaborative team — promises to create harmony between the two sides and ultimate deliver better products at a faster pace. We spoke with IT experts to get their take on what DevOps does right and how they believe businesses that adopt DevOps will benefit. Check out more of our coverage from VMworld 2016.


Video Highlights

  • Companies that employ DevOps can enjoy faster time to market for application development.
  • Bringing IT and development together requires a commitment to performing IT and software development in a different way.
  • If done right, the agility that comes with software development can rub off on IT operations.