Sep 02 2015

VMworld 2015: Welcome to the DevOps Side

In order for enterprise IT to keep up with the pace and change of modern innovation, new models and methodologies must be deployed. DevOps, an application development model where software development and IT operations work in a unified approach, has emerged as a breakthrough concept. VMworld dedicated a track to DevOps this year so we spoke with a few DevOps experts at the show to learn more about how DevOps is changing the way companies work.

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    • Robin Matlock, CMO, VMware
    • Avon Puri, VP of IT, Enterprise Applications and Platforms, VMware
    • Chris Sexsmith, Senior Manager of Field Enablement, Cloud-Native Apps, VMware

Video Highlights

  • In DevOps, software development and IT operations work together in an agile and responsive manner.
  • Modern enterprise application delivery cycles increasingly demand faster, better and automated IT services.
  • In addition to changes in mindset between developers and IT operations, companies also need to re-examine infrastructure needs to support DevOps.