Sep 02 2015

VMworld 2015: Mobile Work Is About More Than Devices

The mobile revolution, as they say, is upon us. But there's far more to working on the go than just smartphones and tablets. We spoke with experts and IT leaders at VMworld to hear how they're leveraging a variety of end-user computing tactics and solutions, which include VDI, Desktop as a Service and enterprise mobility management.

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    • Shawn Bass, Sr. Director, Strategy and Planning, EUC, VMware
    • Dave Winkelman, Data Center Solution Architect, CDW
    • Bernie Salvaggio, IT Technical Services Manager, Northern Safety Co.
    • Jerome Hernandez, Director of IT, Alliance Asset Management

Video Highlights

  • Business mobility isn't just about devices, it's about a state of getting work done wherever you are.
  • Desktop as a Service (DaaS) provides users with great experiences and eases IT's role in managaging applications and devices.
  • SaaS and mobile apps are growing and IT teams must plan and accomodate for this kind of software.