Aug 28 2014

VMworld 2014: Explaining the Cloud in Plain Language

The cloud is a buzzword that is used in so many contexts and scenarios that it can be difficult to unravel, especially for people not in IT. A recent Hollywood movie encapsulated the mystery and ambiguity that surrounds "the cloud" when one of its characters exclaimed, "Nobody understands the cloud! It's a mystery!" We decided to ask VMworld attendees how they deal with explaining the mystery of the cloud to non-IT people to see how they articulate the concept in layman's terms. To view more of our coverage from the show, visit our VMworld 2014 conference hub.


    • Dave Peternell, Senior Channel Enablement, Horizon DaaS at VMware
    • George Throener, Systems Engineering Supervisor at Landis + Gyr
    • Jon Zygmunt, Vice President of IT at FCX Performance
    • Gary Gauthier, CDW Cloud Solution Specialist

Video Highlights

  • Many people are already using the cloud and don't already know it.
  • For organizations, it's best for them to define what the cloud means for their business and then seek a solution that fulfills those needs.