Feb 17 2021

Understanding Life in the Cloud

The potential of the cloud is seemingly limitless, particularly at a time when businesses are relying on it more than ever to deliver a remote work experience. Watch experts from CDW and Trend Micro discuss the best ways to approach a cloud strategy to get the most out of the environment. You can watch the full conversation here


    Mark Nunnikhoven, Vice President, Cloud Research, Trend Micro

    Jeff Falcon, Cybersecurity Practice Lead, CDW

    Aaron Ansari, Vice President, Cloud One - Conformity, Trend Micro

    Ricky Ribeiro, Editorial Director, BizTech 

Video Highlights

  • Businesses need to continue to take steps through the cloud after initially moving their workloads.
  • Analyzing application needs and risks before moving them to the cloud can make the transition smoother.
  • Businesses should focus on their fundamental cloud strategy rather than chasing the cutting edge of the industry.