Aug 28 2014

VMworld 2014: DaaS, VDI and the Evolution of Virtual Desktops

Desktop virtualization has been an essential tool for many organizations for quite some time, but now cloud-based VDI or desktop as a service, is advancing and evolving virtual desktop technology even more. We spoke with several end-user computing experts at VMworld to get their take on the latest trends in desktop virtualization. To view more of our coverage from the show, visit our VMworld 2014 conference hub.


    • Peter McKay, COO Americas at VMware
    • Courtney Burry, Senior Director, Desktop Product Marketing at VMware
    • Gary Gauthier, CDW Cloud Solution Specialist
    • Dave Peternell, Sr. Channel Enablement, Horizon DaaS
    • Brian Huntsbarger, System Administrator at Ahaus

Video Highlights

  • As businesses and IT systems are evolving, so too must desktops.
  • Desktop as a Service allows organizations to use legacy apps without sacrificing the modernization of their IT infrastructure.
  • VDI has helped one company see significant savings on paper and printing.