Aug 19 2019

Three Cybersecurity Questions Your Organization Should Be Asking

In recent years, hackers have gotten better at avoiding detection. Often, it may take weeks or even months for an organization to discover a breach. In this environment, every second counts. At the CDW Protect SummIT in Philadelphia, we spoke to Alyssa Miller of CDW, who suggested three questions organizations should ask to improve their cybersecurity defenses. For more videos and articles from the Protect SummIT, visit

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    Alyssa Miller, Manager, Information Security Solutions Practice, CDW

Video Highlights

  • Threat hunting, a proactive approach to discovering breaches, can minimize the time a successful attack goes undetected. 
  • An experienced partner can help organizations devised and execute an effective incident response plan. 
  • Penetration testing takes an attacker's perspective of the network and helps organizations identify their vulnerabilities.