Oct 11 2019

As Technology Advances, Data Becomes a Crucial Resource

The pace of change in business is accelerating. To keep up, many companies need to get help from strategic partners and alliances. At the CDW IT Leadership SummIT in Chicago, we spoke to Lisa Davis, vice president and general manager for digital transformation and scale solutions with Intel, about how organizations can keep pace with innovative and even disruptive advances in IT. For more videos and articles from the SummIT, visit biztechmagazine.com/cdw-it-leadership-summit.

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    Lisa Davis, Vice President and General Manager, Digital Transformation and Scale Solutions, Intel

Video Highlights

  • Using new technologies effectively can help businesses differentiate themselves from competitors in the marketplace.
  • Artificial intelligence holds unlimited potential, perhaps even to solve problems such as curing cancer.
  • Business intelligence and analytics solutions can provide powerful capabilities for organizations that use their data strategically.