Jun 11 2015

Social Innovation Summit 2015: Wishing for Miracle Tech to Support Missions

Technology is pushing the boundaries of what people once thought was possible. Today, there are drones doing disaster surveillance and robots that clean solar panels without a drop of water. We spoke with nonprofit technology leaders and asked what "miracle tech" they would wish for to help fulfill their organization's mission if they could.

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    • Jared Bieschke, manager of strategic IT initiatives for the Urban Institute
    • Danielle Gaglioti, product & content manager for Akimbo
    • Chris Spence, chief technology officer for the National Democratic Institute
    • Jared Chung, founder of CareerVillage.org

Video Highlights

  • Tech that could improve and simplify access and research data for laypeople would be transformative
  • A video solution that removes gender, disability and race from the hiring equation and distills candidates down to talent would be helpful
  • Political participation is at all-time lows so any miracle tech that could re-engage citizens would be powerful