Jun 08 2016

SIS 2016: Never Have I Ever with Nonprofit Technology

As nonprofits have adapted and evolved with the times, the people working within those organizations have developed a wealth of experiences with technology. We gathered a few nonprofit leaders at Social Innovation Summit and asked them to play "Never Have I Ever" with us to shed light on how technology is impacting their organizations. Check out more of our coverage from Social Innovation Summit 2016 to learn more about technology's potential for good.


    • Peter Hage, Director of Development at NetHope.org
    • Samia Melhem, Lead ICT Policy Officer at The World Bank
    • Chike Aguh, CEO at EveryoneOn

Video Highlights

  • Having the flexibility and capability to video conference and collaborate is critical for nonprofits, particularly for those that do work in remote areas
  • Online fundraising has become the new normal and encouraging the public to donate and contribute to nonprofits online is a key part of nonprofit marketing
  • Technology can provide lifelines to communities that need it most if people and organizations can unite around a common cause